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Queer In Games – Announcing Nominations & Partnership with Splash Damage

Today is a big day for Rainbow Game Jam and the Queer In Games campaign. 

First, we would like to announce our partnership with Splash Damage. 

We’re so proud to be sponsoring Rainbow Game Jam’s ‘Queer In Games’ campaign.

At Splash Damage, we believe that teams create the best work when they have a range of perspectives and experiences to draw from. Seizing moments like this to amplify voices from diverse backgrounds is essential, and will enrich our industry and the games we create.

The Queer in Games campaign is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate both LGBTQ+ people in games and the work they’ve been doing. I can’t wait to see the full list.’

Richard Jolly, CEO of Splash Damage

We are incredibly thankful to Splash Damage, and their support for not only the Queer in Games campaign, but for their support of marginalised communities within our industry. We look forward to working alongside the team at Splash Damage for the Queer in Games campaign.

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We are also excited to announce that nominations for the Queer in Games campaign are now open!

Click here to nominate someone!

Nominations are open until 23/04/21 for individuals to put themselves forward, or to nominate friends, colleagues and peers. We are looking to recognise and highlight those who are working to make the games industry a more inclusive place for those in the LGBTQ+ community.

We are excited to showcase the incredible LGBTQ+ role models within our industry and we hope you’ll join us in sharing the news and keeping an eye on our social media for future updates on the campaign. 

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