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Rainbow Game Jam 2020 – Theme

We’re close to kicking off the fifth year of Rainbow Game Jam and what a rollercoaster it’s been from our humble beginnings back in 2016!  Between the mass amount of support we’ve received and what’s happening in the world today, we thought the theme for this year was quite fitting.

We’re proud to announce that the theme is ….  Strength in Numbers. 

We all know the value in having an awesome community to help drive us forward and coming together to form a bigger presence. It’s been at the core of Rainbow Game Jam to use this as a platform to amplify LGBTQ+ and other marginalised individuals voices in the games industry, allowing everyone the opportunity to tell their stories through the medium of games.

We want to thank everyone that’s joined so far, we’re looking forward to seeing what you create by the end of the game jam. Remember, the theme is optional and we have diversifiers to announce if you want an extra challenge as well!

Best of luck, and share your thoughts on the theme in our Discord and on Twitter using the #RainbowJam20 hashtag!
If you’re still to sign up – our itch.io page is live and waiting for you.

Steven and Kirsty

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