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Rainbow Game Jam & WeLoveIndies

This year, Steven and Kirsty have been trying to help bring down the barriers for getting up and running with a game idea and/or seeing it through to the finish line. As such, we are proud to announce a new partnership for this years game jam – We Love Indies!

“We Love Indies” is a game audio program especially for independent game developers – powered by the game audio world leaders Dynamedion and BOOM. Their goal is to support the creative and diverse independent gaming scene – on non-commercial projects for free. WeLoveIndies are incredibly happy to partner up with Rainbow Game Jam, helping to spread their beautiful message around the globe.

This partnership means that for Rainbow Game Jam participants, you can collect what you need from the WeLoveIndies site, request the audio you would like via their contact form and remember to include the name of your game and that it’s being made as part of Rainbow Game Jam 20! Be sure to check the “Request Free Download For Current Project” tickbox as well!

We’re almost a week into the game jam and it’s been fantastic to see what content is being produced. If you haven’t already, check out updates in our Discord or Twitter.
All games will be submitted onto our itch.io page for you all to enjoy! Please check out the games and support queer game developers!

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