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Rainbow Jam 19 – Diversifiers


Theme diversifiers are aimed at providing motivation for experienced game jammers. In a sense, diversifiers are a voluntary list of secondary constraints that individuals and teams can choose to go for, or not, as they please. When uploading your submissions, add in any diversifiers that you included in your game design.


This was a diversifier that we introduced back in our 2017 game jam and really enjoyed seeing everyones games with this constraint! Use only the colours from a pride flag of your choice, for all of your games art.

This is my Jam!

Your game only lasts the same amount of time as one single music track. This track can be as long or short as you please and of any genre! Something to flex those audio muscles for sound designers taking part in this years game jam.

Living Picture

Make a game where every graphic in your game is visible from the start to the end of your game. Whether this means reusing assets or having a very simple design for your game, we want to be able to see everything on screen at any given time during the game.

Bechdel Test

Your game features at least two character who identify as women who talk to each other about something other than a man. A fan favourite from previous years of Rainbow Jam so we’re keen to have this back for 2019.

Accessibility Rules!

Accessibility means avoiding unnecessary barriers that prevent people with a range of impairments from accessing or enjoying your output. Plan and design your game to be accessible to players with disabilities. Some ideas include creating a single button control scheme,  appropriate colour schemes for visually impaired people or haptic (vibration / rumble) feedback. For more information please check out the Game Accessibility Guidelines.

Relay Race

A new one for Rainbow Jam 2019 where we wanted to add a little cooperation between teams. Midway through the jam, swap games with someone else then work on each others games from this point forward. Coordinate with other teams to agree on a timeframe where you can swap over games (source control is a good idea!) and see what direction they take it in. Better yet, don’t let them know what you’re working on prior to the swap! Think of it as a game jam chinese whispers moment!

Mixed Media

Create a physical game (e.g. print and play) which uses computer code. We encourage all games being made during the game jam, digital or physical, but can you make a game embracing the two together? Upload your physical game onto itch.io and allow others to print off your game and play solo or with their friends.

We are now an hour away from the start of Rainbow Game Jam 2019! Check back here or our Twitter to learn what the theme is first before spending two weeks working on your amazing games!

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