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Queer in Games – Awardees

We’re happy to present the Queer In Games List. This features 50 LGBTQ+ identifying people in the industry whose efforts thus far have made the industry a more welcoming and safer space for the LGBTQ+ community.

This was a new campaign for us at Rainbow Game Jam but aligned with our core value of being a platform to highlight and support fellow LGBTQ+ developers, content creators and their work.

The response to Queer in Games surpassed anything we expected. Over 150 nominations were submitted for people across the globe and it was a pleasure reading through them and getting to know you all a little bit better. We would like to take this moment to thank our panel of judges in helping us reach a decision on the final list as we couldn’t have done it without them. 

Alayna Cole Founding director, Represent Me
Robin Gray Founder, Gayming Magazine
Charlie Managhan UI Designer, Splash Damage
Susie Buchan Creative Producer, Biome Collective
Erika Martinez Producer at Xbox, Microsoft
Megan Tupper Senior UI Artist, Splash Damage
Sue Smith Strategic HR Business Partner, Coatsink

Carrying on with the thank you, we want to give a spot to our lovely sponsors for this campaign Splash Damage, Coatsink, Biome Collective, Represent Me and Xbox LGBTQIA+ Team. It’s been a pleasure working with them to highlight the hard work that goes into making the games industry an inclusive space for everyone involved in it and has allowed us to bring the campaign to the highest level.

Without further ado, we wish to present our Queer in Games Awardees. Please join us in celebrating these truly inspirational folks <3

Aimee Hart Cat Karskens Heather Decker Kris Wise Samantha Blackmon
Alan Zucconi Chloe Goodchild Ivan Papiol Leon Killin Sara Khan
Alanah Pearce Chris Wright JC Lau Livvy Hall Sarah Spiers
Alanna Linayre Christina McGrath Jess Zammit Louie Vellas Shayna Moon
Alison Huang Cinzia Musio Jonathan Lloyd Lynne M. Meyer Stef Bow
Bailey Megrian Dan Butchko Julián Sánchez Omega Jones Stella Sacco
Bex Edmondson Dylan Zaner Justin Moore Ray Lancione Suneet Sharma
Brian Gray Eltanin Casciani Kat Welsford Reese Wright Tanya DePass
Cade Peterson Erika Mariko Olsen Kevin Snow Roy van der Schilden Ty Galiz-Rowe
Cara Hillstock Hazel Fletcher Kirsty Fraser Saf Davidson Zoe Delahunty-Light

Finally, stay tuned on our social media for news on Rainbow Game Jam 2021, which will mark our sixth consecutive year of queer game jamming across the globe.

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