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Rainbow Jam 17 – Meet Pascal Worreschk

We are now 3 days away from the start of Rainbow Game Jam 2017! We are so excited to kick off the jam this year!

In the run up to Rainbow Game Jam 2017 we wanted to take this opportunity to share the work and voices of previous entrants of Rainbow Jam!

Today we have Pascal Worreschk ( Twitter, itch.io), developer of Rainbow Jam 2016 game and Community Prize Winner Who am I!

Hi Pascal, Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

I’m Pascal, I live in Hamburg, Germany, I’m 29 years old and currently finishing my studies in applied computer science. One of my hobbies are game jams, I participated in over a dozen jams in the last three years. Most of them online jams, but also some local ‘come together’-jams.

Can you tell us about your Rainbow Jam 2016 Game?

I made ‘Who am I’ – a platform game with a small story-line about identity.

Why did you take part in Rainbow Jam 2016? 

I read the description and I did like the idea of the jam. So since I’m not technically part of the LGBTQ+ community I always want to show love & support whenever I can. So obviously I loved the idea to do this via a game-jam!

What were your highlights of Rainbow Jam 2016?

My highlight was the time after the games were finished. There were so many great games and also a lot of people do videos/Let’sPlays about them. That was quite great. Also the feedback on the discord channel was really great!

Last year the theme for Rainbow Jam was “Identity”, how do you feel your game explored that theme?

The idea was that you’re playing a person who has a dream. In this dream he starts to ask himself questions about his identity. With each challenge/part of the level beaten, he learns more and more about his real identity. So after the game is finished he discovered that he lived a lie until this point.

Diversity is an important topic in games at the moment. What are your thoughts on current representation (or underrepresentation) of minorities in games? How can the games industry do better to explore the stories of marginalised groups in games?

I guess the indie-scene is doing pretty well to present more and more minorities in current games. The AAA business is way behind, I guess the reason is that they are scared about their conservative audience and don’t want to take risks. Not sure how to fix this issue in short time, but I hope it will become better gradually. A new generation of people working in the industry might change the outcome to a more diverse gaming landscape.

What advice do you have for someone who hasn’t taken part in Rainbow Jam, or any other game jam before?

Keep the scope of the game small and scale-able. Focus on the absolutely important must-have features, so you can make sure that they work fine and smoothly. Everything else is nice-to-have and you should treat it like that.
Also make sure that you sleep enough and don’t stress yourself out too hard. A Jam is supposed to make fun, so don’t crunch until you’re wasted 🙂

Do you have anything else you would like to share?

Currently I’m working on a bigger prototype for a game that I want to release commercially. But I don’t have a name for it yet, so if you want to be up to date, just follow me on Twitter.

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For now, please sign up for Rainbow Game Jam 2017 over on itch.io

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