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Rainbow Jam 2017 – Meet Alastair Low

We are now 2 days away from the start of Rainbow Game Jam 2017! We are so excited to kick off the jam this year!

In the run up to Rainbow Game Jam 2017 we wanted to take this opportunity to share the work and voices of previous entrants of Rainbow Jam!

Today we have Alastair Low ( Twitter, itch.io), developer of Rainbow Jam 2016 game and Artistic Prize Winner Where is my mummy!

Hi Ally, Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

I’m Alastair Low, I’m an Artist at Ninja Kiwi, and I live in Dundee.

Can you tell us about your Rainbow Jam 2016 Game?

I made a game called Where is my mummy where you play as a duck billed platypus who is looking for his mum and comes across bunch of animals that say they saw someone like him over there, flled with puns and cute characters.

What were your highlights of Rainbow Jam 2016?

Seeing how many games were made and playing them all though the year. And winning the art prize 😀

Last year the theme for Rainbow Jam was “Identity”, how do you feel your game explored that theme?

I took a literal approach in that the platypus is a weird animal containing distinctive features of other animals.

What advice do you have for someone who hasn’t taken part in Rainbow Jam, or any other game jam before?

Start early, there is a lot of time , don’t leave it till the last minute, keep the scope minimal, and have fun.

Do you have anything else you would like to share?

I’m working on polishing up this prototype from another jam and wanting to release it some day https://wallmasterr.itch.io/play-head

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