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Rainbow Jam 2017 – Meet DrMelon

We are now a few weeks away from the start of Rainbow Game Jam 2017! We are so excited to kick off the jam this year!

In the run up to Rainbow Game Jam 2017 we wanted to take this opportunity to share the work and voices of previous entrants of Rainbow Jam!

Today we have DrMelon (Twitter, itch.io), developer of Rainbow Jam 2016 game Elastic Sword!

Hi DrMelon, Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Hey! I’m J. Brown / DrMelon, & I’m a game developer living in Scotland. I’m a programmer mainly, but I dabble with art and music too!

Can you tell us about your Rainbow Jam 2016 Game?

I made Elastic Sword for Rainbow Jam 2016, a game about being a Cyberspace Cleanup Agent!

Why did you take part in Rainbow Jam 2016? 

I was looking to re-ignite my creativity after a bit of a dry spell, and Rainbow Jam 2016 seemed a good way to do that! Plus, it was the first LGBT-centric jam I’d seen!

What were your highlights of Rainbow Jam 2016?

Definitely the best part of RJ16 was the judging phase; downloading and playing all the other entries was really fun and it was super cool to see the range of stuff that people had made.

Last year the theme for Rainbow Jam was “Identity”, how do you feel your game explored that theme?

Elastic Sword is, underneath the weird exterior, a game about not compromising on your identity in order to “succeed”. It’s important to remain true to your own self!

Diversity is an important topic in games at the moment. What are your thoughts on current representation (or underrepresentation) of minorities in games? How can the games industry do better to explore the stories of marginalised groups in games?

Minority representation in games, particularly in the AAA space, has a long way to go. I feel like things have been improving slowly though, and I’ve got hope that over the next few years we’ll see more complex stories develop. Obviously, the best people to write stories and games about marginalised groups are members of those groups themselves, and so as the development community it’s important that we strive to be inclusive and supportive of people trying to enter our industry.

What advice do you have for someone who hasn’t taken part in Rainbow Jam, or any other game jam before?

Have fun! Don’t worry about producing a finished product; game jams are really more about the experience of making something than the end result! If you enjoy the act of making the game and interacting with the other jammers, you won’t mind if you don’t end up with anything playable – whereas if you focus solely on finishing it and making it perfect, you’ll be super disappointed if you can’t make it happen! So, relax and enjoy!

Do you have anything else you would like to share?

I’ve got a few things in my backlog of unfinished projects that I’m working on at the moment, but nothing solid yet!


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