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Rainbow Jam 2017 – Meet Kirsty Fraser

We are now a less than a week away from the start of Rainbow Game Jam 2017! We are so excited to kick off the jam this year!

In the run up to Rainbow Game Jam 2017 we wanted to take this opportunity to share the work and voices of previous entrants of Rainbow Jam!

Today we have Kirsty Fraser (Twitter, itch.io), developer of Rainbow Jam 2016 game Space Partnership!

Hi Kirsty, Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Hi I’m Kirsty, I’m a graduate from Abertay Uni, now working in Birmingham as a junior programmer.

Why did you take part in Rainbow Jam 2016? 

Support a friend’s venture into running a game jam and wanted to take part since there was heavy emphasis on it being inclusive for anyone within the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

What were your highlights of Rainbow Jam 2016?

The friendliness of meeting new people through Twitter hashtag and discord plus the amazing games which were made within the two week time frame.

Diversity is an important topic in games at the moment. What are your thoughts on current representation (or underrepresentation) of minorities in games? How can the games industry do better to explore the stories of marginalised groups in games?

Be more accommodating when hiring anyone within those minorities and be aware of areas in the office culture that could be improved on (discussions among co-workers that include racism, sexism etc) and provide any support that’s required. Provide a bit more inspiration for those growing up in those minorities so that they have someone / a group of people to look up to and know that it is a normal thing for them to do and feel safe in pursuing their dreams.

What advice do you have for someone who hasn’t taken part in Rainbow Jam, or any other game jam before?

Have fun, don’t worry about completing a fully fledged game. Start small and grow from there. Take breaks. Meet new people through the twitter/discord. Ask for help when needed. Explore something new. Take care of yourself!

Keep up to date with Rainbow Game Jam on twitterfacebookrainbowjam.games, or on  itch.io.
For now, please sign up for Rainbow Game Jam 2017 over on itch.io

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