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Rainbow Jam 18 – Diversifiers

Theme Diversifiers are aimed at providing motivation for experienced game jammers. In a sense diversifiers are a voluntary list of secondary constraints, that individuals and teams can choose to go for, or not, as they please. If you do go for one or more diversifiers, you can check off those diversifiers as fulfilled when uploading their game.


Bechdel Test

Your game features at least two character who identify as women who talk to each other about something other than a man. This was one of our favourite diversifiers from Rainbow Jam 17 and we are excited to include this again!

Queerly Represents Me Diversifier – Intersectionality

This game explores stories at the intersections of marginalised identities. This theme was chosen by our Rainbow Jam 18 partner Queerly Represents Me. Diversity in games is incredibly important to both us and the Queerly Represents Me team, so we encourage anyone taking part in Rainbow Jam 18 to not only explore queer themes, but also the cross over of various forms of social stratification: such as class, race, age, and disabilities.

Accessibility in Games

Accessibility means avoiding unnecessary barriers that prevent people with a range of impairments from accessing or enjoying your output. Plan and design your game to be accessible to players with disabilities. Some ideas include creating a single button control scheme, or appropriate colour schemes that are appropriate for visually impaired people. For more information please check out the Game Accessibility Guidelines.

Jam / Life Balance

Commit to a healthy work/life balance during Rainbow Jam 18 by only working a maximum of 2 hours per day throughout the jam. Rainbow Jam takes place over two weeks to allow a large amount of time for you to work on your game, so take your time, enjoy your evenings and weekends, and don’t crunch.

Pacifist Playthrough

Your game must have no violence in it’s gameplay. Conflicts should be resolve through other means.

Game Changer

Your game allows players to tweak a wide range of in game variables to their liking. This could be lives, character movement speed, size of characters, art assets.

We are now an hour away from the start of Rainbow Game Jam 2018! Best of luck and be sure to keep up to date on
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