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Rainbow Game Jam 2021 – Theme

We’re close to kicking off the sixth year of Rainbow Game Jam and what a rollercoaster it’s been from our humble beginnings back in 2016!  2021 has been an amazing year for us and coming off the back of Queer in Games Campaign in the first half of the year we are excited to kick of the Jam!

We’re proud to announce that the theme is ….  Liberation

Rainbow Game Jam: Liberation

“The purpose of Pride was not just to commemorate those who fought back against police violence at the Stonewall Inn, or to protest unjust laws. It was also to counter the sense of shame and self-hatred that scarred the lives of LGBTQ+ people. An early Gay Liberation Front poster featured a photo of a group of young activists, their faces not obscured but visibly smiling, arms locked as they walked down the street, some holding clenched fists in the air. The slogan shouted to other LGBTQ+ people was to “COME OUT!”

Huw Lemmey, 2020, The Guardian

We want to thank everyone that’s joined so far, we’re looking forward to seeing what you create by the end of the game jam. Remember, the theme is optional, and we have diversifiers to announce if you want an extra challenge as well!

Best of luck and share your thoughts on the theme in our Discord and on Twitter using the #RainbowJam21 hashtag!
If you’re still to sign up – our itch.io page is live and waiting for you.

Steven and Kirsty

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