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Rainbow Jam 2018 – Meet Adam Tavares!

We are now 2 day away from the start of Rainbow Game Jam 2018! We are so excited to kick off the jam this year!

In the run up to Rainbow Game Jam 2018 we wanted to take this opportunity to share the work and voices of previous entrants of Rainbow Jam!

Today we have Adam Tavares ( Twitter, itch.io), developer of Rainbow Jam 2017 game A Meadow of Opal!

Hi Adam, Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi ! My name is Adam Tavares (and I use the pseudonym of “Hishicorne” online). I’m a 18 years-old teenager living in France, studying art (and aiming at working in the game industry). I also make games on my free time (even if I rarely publish them), and, obviously, make art (that I rarely show too).

Can you tell us about your Rainbow Jam 2017 Game?

For the Rainbow Jam 2017, I made a very simple old-school adventure game mixed with a rpg battle system, where the player controlled a magical human being teleported in a different galaxy. They should face tha shadow, a “threat” destroying the colors of the citizens.

Why did you take part in Rainbow Jam 2017?


I basically had a lot of free time during this period and wanted to do something, so I searched for a game jam and discovered the Rainbow Jam. I was a bit late (there were “only” 6 days left), but still wanted to participate, finding the ida of a game jam made to promote diversity in games awesome. I loved the experience so much that I decided to take part to the 2018’s edition !

What were your highlights of Rainbow Jam 2017?

The first highlight was discussing with everyone (on the discord server, or in the game comment section). Everyone was so kind and friendly ! It was really relaxing reading it.

Also, seeing all those game with all this diversity in it was so amazing. Some could really have helped me accepting myself sooner in my life, and I really hope they will help young people in the present and in the future !

Last year the theme for Rainbow Jam was “Spectrum”, how do you feel your game explored that theme?

I think my game explored the Idea of “Spectrum” by allowing the player to talk to NPC (who were represented by the color of one of the many LGBT flags). Players were supposed to be able to encounter a lot of different people, and so, according to the story, “save the spectrum of colors” from the shadow that threatened them.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the time to include side-quest (meaning, some different kind of PNJ), but the idea’s still there ! 🙂

How has the LGBT community helped your passion for game development?

Games, and especially online games, were the media that got me to connect with other LGBT+ people, at a time when I was in trouble with myself. It was really a huge help, to see other people being like me and accepted by everyone.

However, there aren’t many games openly show LGBT+ people (even if there is more and more which is great !). And I really think that it’s important to have more diversity in games, especially in massive one (huge RPG / MMORPG / MOBAS etc, peculiarly if the lore is important / developed). There is still a huge problem with homophobia / transphobia / misogyny […] in some community around some video games that persist.

I got my passion for making video games pretty early before realising who I was (I think I was about eleven or twelve years old when I began programming). I wanted to make things people would enjoy. Later, I felt in love with art in general (and decided to make a career in it), so I developed games to brought to live my creations. It’s only when I first discovered who I was and how there was a lack of representation in games in general, that I decided to make game with a lot of diversity, which – alongside my curiosity and will to know more about everything – also lead me to discover much much more on the diversity there is in the LGBT+ community.

What advice do you have for someone who hasn’t taken part in Rainbow Jam, or any other game jam before?

First of all (but everyone will tell you this), manage some time for you. Sleep. Eat healthily. Go out. Hang out with friends. Especially if you don’t know what to do, or what to add, or how to fix something (wether it is a bug, or something that doesn’t work well in the art style…).

It’s super important that you don’t make you sick because of game. Believe me, you will just hate it at the end, and won’t enjoy finishing it at all! Plus, by taking some rest, you will work better when going back to your project!

Also, try to show what you are making with people around you: friends, family, or even show it on the discord server or in the community section of the game jam on itch.io. Feedback is important and will help you make something even better!

The most important is still to have fun during the process!

Do you have anything else you would like to share?

I don’t have a lot to share, but I’m currently working on a post-jam version of my LD42 game “Disco Lovers” (which take place in an LGBT nightclub, during a very repressive time). I don’t know at all if I’ll end it or publish it, but you can follow the process on my itch.io page (@hishicorne).
Apart that, I’m trying to focus on my studies, so I may post a lot of illustrations / studies / animations I’ve made for school (or for me), especially on instagram (@hishicorne too).

Keep in touch and get involved on social media!

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